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Bean Sprout Room


The Preschool/PreK classroom aims to foster the love of learning in young children. The classroom environment promotes exploration, curiosity and creativity. It is a prepared environment that calls for the child to develop trust, independence, confidence, love for work and plant the seed for inner motivation to learn. The classroom has the following areas: 


Practical Life

Presents activities that allow the child to become independent in taking care of self and environment: dressing, feeding, taking care of the classroom.



Materials and activities in the sensory area develop the five senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell.


Large Motor

Time is allowed daily for teacher-led large motor activities. The child is also encouraged to be creative in large motor movements that he can proudly show the class. 


Fine Motor

Fine motor development is fostered in classroom materials that are child-size, allowing the child’s fingers to hold, grasp, carry materials with confidence. 



Positive interactions and concrete materials build the child’s confidence to talk, listen, “read”, “write”. Learning the beginning sounds of the alphabet start with the child’s name and names of friends.



Hands-on experiences with materials that allow discovery of counting, grouping, grading, exchanging, constructing, calculating, recognizing patterns and differences.



Materials in the classroom and outdoor time allow the child to experience nature. Science activities also further develops the five senses. The school’s outdoor environment lends to appreciation of daily nature walks, weather permitting, that encourage curiosity in the things around them.



Provide opportunities, materials, understanding and skills needed to develop creativity. Fine motor skills also go hand-in-hand in exploring art.


*Circle Time

A time for purposeful activities to develop self-regulation; listening, following directions and silence. This daily practice gradually develops self-esteem.



The Preschool/PreK class follow the Montessori philosophy. The prepared environment and the prepared teacher directing the class, answers the call of the child, “Help me, help myself.” The teacher finds joy when the child confidently exclaims, “I can do it, teacher!”.   

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