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Mustard Seed Room

2-3 years old

What we learn..

During our terrific-twos we are learning how to manage our emotions, how to communicate our needs, feelings, and wants with others, and how to solve problems.  We are mastering more complex movements (both big and small) with our bodies.  We are learning to take turns and are starting to see that other people have different feelings than we do.  We can classify objects, recognize patterns and sequences, and are starting to understand numbers and quantities.  We are starting to recall and apply past experiences to current situations.  We are learning to love literature and can start identifying letters and sounds.  We are experimenting. Constantly. We are learning to use the potty! We are learning to stay focused on activities for longer periods.  We love to take risks and trying new experiences.   

How children learn..

Two year olds are actively trying to make sense of the world around them.  They have an increasing sense of self and a great desire for independence.  They learn from watching and by experimenting with their environment.  

Our role in the classroom..

As teachers in the classroom, our goal is to build relationships of trust and to be intentionally present and have fun!  We encourage independence while balancing the need to intervene.  We create an environment that fosters independence, choices, and that provides a variety of sensory experiences.

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